Welcome to our new page – please excuse our appearance as we are still in “creation mode”. We will be upgrading and updating in the next few weeks.

This page will be dedicated to the work needed to reform our criminal justice system here in San Diego County. Through community building, activism, calls to action, education, and (when the time comes) GOTV – get out the vote efforts.

This will be a community-driven, grassroots effort to help San Diego County realize fair and equal justice for all.

To help us reach the numbers (and participants) needed to be truly effective, please spread the word.



Once we have built up our following enough to be effective, we will roll out a plan of action for the next few months. We will introduce a series of calls to action for community members. These will range from everything from texting campaigns, the marches, to meetings with our local justice officials.

Thank you for taking the first crucial step in bringing equality to all our fellow San Diegans.

Stay Tuned for More Information!

(and remember, we the People are just getting started.)

– San Diegans for Criminal Justice Reform 



Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SDforCJR

Twitter – https://twitter.com/SDforCJR

EMAIL: JusticeforSanDiego@gmail.com 

E-Mail us with any questions, concerns, feedback, or testimonials – no one knows better the reforms needed than those who have been personally impacted by the criminal justice system.



Introducing: San Diegans for Criminal Justice Reform

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